Bo Marr

Co-Founder and CTO

Bo spent 10 years at Raytheon, during which time he was promoted to serve as RF Technical Area Director where he led development of all major radio frequency (RF) based products and roadmaps, including on airborne systems such as the F-18, Growler, F-15, the Coyote UAS, while also addressing how to operate in denied environments. While at Raytheon, Dr. Marr won the CEO award for innovation, filed over 70 US and international patents, and was a technical lead on the Next Generation Jammer program. Bo has reviewed and facilitated 600 inventions and 100 peer reviewed papers as elected Raytheon IP Champion. Bo later joined IBM where he co-engineered the computing chips behind Watson. Bo is a Fellow of the National Science Foundation and holds a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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