‘e-pi-rus /ˈepɪrʌs/ n 1 The name of the magical bow with an infinite cache of arrows used by the Greek hero Theseus.


Complex Threats

We are addressing hard asymmetric threats like defeating micro-UAVs (drones) and vehicle-based Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on a development timeline that is much faster and significantly cheaper. Our agile approach and culture of innovation in systems development allow us to move quickly without losing the decades of lessons learned.

Unique Defenses

We have developed technologies that leverage new breakthroughs in sensors and high-power microwave, combined with computer vision and advanced software control. Our first broad-market application is a comprehensive defense system to defeat offensive drones at scale.

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Stanford B.S., M.S. | Boeing | Raytheon | 6 patents

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Georgia Tech Ph.D. | Duke B.S. | Raytheon | >70 patents | >40 publications

VP Hardware Engineering, Co-Founder

University of Oklahoma B.S., M.S., Ph.D. | Raytheon | >20 patents | >20 publications


Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Stanford B.S., M.S. | UCLA MBA | Google | 3x Entrepreneur

VP Software Engineering

UNC | Scopely | Activision | 4x Startup Leadership

Senior Principal Engineering Fellow

Case Western Ph.D. | 32 years at Raytheon | 40 patents | 80 publications


Chief Engineer

CSUN B.S., M.S. | 36 years at Raytheon | 2 patents

Chief of Staff

US Army Green Beret | UNC MBA | Purdue BS

Principal Systems Engineer

Stanford B.S, M.S. | Raytheon


Principal Electrical Design Engineer

Caltech | Raytheon

Principal Electrical Engineer

George Washington | Raytheon


Advisory Board

Co-Founder and Chairman

8VC Partner/Co-Founder | Palantir | Addepar | OpenGov

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

8VC Partner | Valar Ventures | Allen & Company


Rally Health | UnitedHealth